From 12 to 27 August 2020, a DECA (10x) and a QUINTUPLE (5x) ultra triathlon will be held in the city of Buchs in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley (Switzerland). Both competitions will be held in the "one per day" and "continuous" version and are part of the IUTA World Cup 2020. 

In the "Continuous" variant, the three disciplines are completed without interruption. The DECA is ten times the long distance (38km swimming, 1800km cycling and 422km running) and the QUINTUPLE five times (19km swimming, 900km cycling and 211km running). The start is in the evening at 18 o'clock. The DECA Continuous will be held as IUTA World Championship. 

In the "one per day" variant, there is a long distance triathlon to complete every day: 3.8km swimming, 180km cycling and 42.2km running. The start is always at 7 a.m.; the finish on the following day is at 3 a.m. (20 hours time limit per day). 


The registration deadline for all competitions is 1 July 2020. An athelte must have finished a minimum of one single long distance triathlon or an ultra triathlon race in the past two years. Similar endurance competitions can also be recognized as qualifying events. If you are not sure whether you are qualified for a Swissultra race, please contact the race organizers at and tell us more about your sports career.


At Swissultra, numerous benefits are included in the entry fee. Our kitchen is open around the clock from start to finish and offers athletes hot meals, snacks and drinks as needed. In the supervisor zone, everyone has a camping site and access to electricity, WLAN, refrigerators and freezers. Our partner Beat Sport offers a great bike service, and diligent masseurs take care of the well-being of the athletes. 


Ein Schwimmer im Freibad Buchs (Foto vom swissultra Triathlon 2018)


DECA Continuous

12–27 August 2020
38 km swim
1800 km bike
422 km run

DECA one per day

27–27 August 2020
10x 3.8km swim
10x 180km bike
10x 42,2km run

QUINTUPLE Continuous

20–27 August 2020
19 km swim
900 km bike
211 km run

QUINTUPLE one per day

22–27 August 2019
5x 3.8km swim
5x 180km bike
5x 42,2km run


Ein Radfahrer auf dem Rheindamm isst ein Eis (Laurent Quignette aka Bretzel Man, Teilnehmer swissultra Triathlon



Handicapped athletes are welcome at all swissultra competitions. The bike course is easy for hand or knee bikers, as Walter Eberle impressively proved in 2017 (Quintuple finisher) and 2019 (Deca finisher). We offer a special route for wheelchair users, as a part of the original running route leads through the forest along a natural trail. The International Ultratriathlon Federation IUTA has a separate category "Handicap". If you are interested or have any questions, please contact the organizing committee via email (



We will offer a "swissultra relay" for sponsors, employees of the city of Buchs and guests of honour. The team members (3-8 persons) will complete a long distance triathlon together with the ultra triathletes: 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42.2 km running. There is one chip per team for timekeeping, which can be passed on at any time. Handicapped athletes or mixed groups are also welcome! If you are interested, please contact the organizing committee (