The running track is about 1.2 kilometres long and leads along paved and forest paths around the Buchs outdoor pool. One marathon corresponds to 35 laps. The course is flat at all times. About three quarters are paved; one part is gravel road and the other part is natural road through the forest. For wheelchair users, there is a special track that is paved continuously. About half of the route is in the shadow (forest). 


Each athlete can be accompanied by a runner or cyclist. However, the accompanying person may not run or ride in front of the participant. The crew may provide food, drink and clothing at any time. The running track is illuminated during the night. A headlamp is not required. Clothing must be appropriate for the weather. The bib number must always be worn visibly. Participants may walk or run, but may not use any other aids such as walking sticks. They must finish the competition on their own. Listening to music is allowed.


The last lap of an ultratriathlon race is traditionally run in the opposite direction. The race control indicates the last lap with the "Last Lap" sign; then the athlete may turn and say goodbye to the other athletes on the run course. On the last day of the competition, every athlete receives his national flag for the last lap and crosses the finish line with it.