FAQ – frequently asked questions


We want to organise an unforgettable race and offer the best possible service to our guests - athletes and support staff as well. On this page you can find information and frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, simply contact us by email at info@swissultra.ch or on Facebook.


In the finish area, directly at the cycling and running track, there is the support zone for all athletes. Everyone is allowed to set up a pavilion (ideally 3x3 meters) and deposit their equipment. We provide floor plates, tables and benches. Electricity, WLAN and drinking water are also available. The catering (kitchen container) is located directly in the support zone.


The transition zone is located in a cellar room within the swimming pool area, around 100 metres from the support zone. Every athlete can leave his bike in the basement. Bicycles are also safely stored in the transition zone before the competition and at night. The room is locked at night. Since the room is humid, we advise against leaving wetsuits or clothes there. In the transition zone there are refrigerators and freezers for free use.




How do I get to Buchs from Zurich airport? Is there a pick-up service?

There are very good train connections directly from Zurich Airport (ZRH) to Buchs. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a pick-up service from the airport. If possible, we can pick you up at Buchs station and take you to your accommodation; please ask if you are interested.

We will be happy to assist you in planning your arrival - please let us know the date and time of your arrival so that we can welcome you.


Is there a shuttle service for athletes from their accommodation to the start?

Yes, we will offer transport for ONE PER DAY athletes who do not have their own vehicle. This means that we will pick you up for the ONE PER DAY competitions every day before the start and take you back to your accommodation after the finish. The only condition is that the accommodation is not more than 10-15 minutes away by car. Please let us know if you wish to use this service.

For the CONTINUOUS athletes who do not have regular rest periods, we can offer transport according to need and availability; please contact us early if you need assistance.


Do you offer catering? And if so, is it included in the entry fee?

The entry fee includes food for all athletes. We will offer a selection of hot and cold meals and drinks around the clock, such as pasta, rice dishes, meat, fish, vegetables and salad, as well as water, tea, sports drinks and soft drinks. Athletes also receive breakfast; for example breads, sandwiches, snacks and fruit.

For relatives, volunteers and supporters we also offer catering at a special price. More detailed information will be provided in good time before the competition. 




Is there a pharmacy or a supermarket nearby?

Yes, you can find this and much more in the centre of Buchs, see map. The competition area is a bit outside, so a transport is an advantage. If you don't have a vehicle, please contact the organizers on site if you need anything.


Can I set up a caravan/camper on the competition area? Or can I pitch my tent to sleep there?

The next camping sites are Werdenberg and Liechtentein (Triesen). Wild camping on the area, in the forest etc. is strictly forbidden. There is a large car park within walking distance of the competition area, near the football area across the supporter zone. This area can be used during the competition as a parking area for cars, caravans, camper vans etc. Camping and staying overnight on this parking lot is forbidden, however, the stay for shorter times or rest breaks is permitted.


What is the weather like in Switzerland in August and September?

From rain at 10°C at night to bright sunshine at 35°C during the day, anything can happen in late summer. Especially on the Rhine dam (bike course) there can be strong winds, depending on the weather situation.

When does the sun rise and when is sunset at this time of year?

See www.timeanddate.com




Is there a bike service during the race?

Yes, our partner Beat Sport will offer a bike service on site or on request. In case of breakdowns on the track, we will provide immediate assistance. If you need service or have any questions, please contact the race organizers at any time.


Can I take a day off during the competition?

Yes, that is allowed. Any athlete who does not show up for the swim start in the morning and does not finish the competition day is no longer part of the overall ranking (DNS/DNF). However, you can interrupt one or more days at any time and go back to the start the next day. In any case, please inform the race management if you take a break or end the race before the official finish date. You will also benefit from the catering on break days.


Is massage also offered on the race area?

Yes, we will offer a massage service. The number of appointments depends on the availability of the massage therapists. The appointment list is always posted at the race directors office, where you can register for half an hour or a whole hour. The massage room is located in the transition zone.