The bike course leads in a circuit of 9 kilometres from the pool area to the Rhine dam, along the Rhine dam towards the city of Sevelen and back again. 180 kilometers corresponds to 20 laps. The course is mostly flat. On the Rhine dam the wind can be quite strong. The route cannot be completely closed; traffic is therefore to be expected at all times (mainly cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders). The traffic rules and the Swiss Road Traffic Act must be strictly observed, and the athletes must follow the instructions of the traffic assistants.


The supporters may only serve food, drink, clothing and spare parts at the side of the bike course and help with repairs. Service and control vehicles of the organizer supervise the race and help with breakdowns on the track. A safety helmet is mandatory. The start number must be worn on the back and must always be visible. The bike course is not completely illuminated during the night. Each participant must ensure that there is sufficient light on the bike and clothing. The last bike lap is indicated by the "Last Lap" sign.


The bike split is an individual time trial. Accompaniment by a supervisor during 1-2 laps per day is tolerated. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on the Rhine dam. Drafting (behind or next to a participant) is forbidden. The minimum distance between the rear wheel of the front athlete and the front wheel of the rear athlete is 10 meters, laterally it is 1 meter. The overtaking procedure must be completed after 30 seconds. Listening to music or radio communication while cycling is not permitted.