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The swissultra is the only Ultratriathlon competition in Switzerland. The races offered correspond to five, ten or twenty times the length of a classic long distance triathlon (3.8 kilometres swimming, 180 kilometres cycling and 42.2 kilometres running). The distances can either be completed in a single piece (so-called "continuous" variant) or in "one per day" mode (one triathlon per day). The swissultra is organised by the Swiss Ultratriathlon Association.

RACES 2020

In August 2020 we offer the following races:


The swissultra competitions take place in the city of Buchs in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley. The race venue is located on the parking lot of the outdoor swimming pool. All disciplines of swissultra take place in rounds for logistical reasons. The athletes complete the swim split in the 50-metre pool. The bike course leads on a 9-kilometer loop from the outdoor pool to the Rhine dam in the direction of the village Sevelen and back again. The running track is about 1.2 km long and is laid out around the race venue / pool area.