Mark Hohe-Dorst will take part in the DECA Continuous for the second time in 2018. In addition to sports, the German athlete likes to deal with figures and statistics on ultratriathlon. In the interview he reveals what records still have to be broken and why one of his life's goals is to finish a DECA.


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He’s a powerboat champion, finished the Epic5 challenge – and he now faces the DECA ultratriathlon in Switzerland: Anastas Panchenko. In the interview, the Russian athlete talks about motivation and how his knee injury changed his goals.


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Laurent Quignette aka "Bretzel Man" won the DECA ultra triathlon in Mexico 2017 – only a few weeks after his third place at the DECA in Switzerland. This year, he will start again at the swissultra. In the interview he reveals the secret behind his nickname, the worst experience at the DECA and his dream for 2019.


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